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Our goal is to know family researchers by finding and sharing quantities on our county and writing project websites. The page of the symbolism is taught and key through ritual. Apr 28,  · Furthermore, Masonic doctrine is based on esoteric occult knowledge that is designed to 'enlighten' it's initiates.

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Essentially, the aim of a Mason is to. The Masonic Lodge is the basic organisational unit of Freemasonry. The Lodge meets regularly to conduct the usual formal business of any small organisation (pay bills, organise social and charitable events, elect new members, etc.).

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Not Just A Man. A Mason. Now more than ever, the world needs men of honor and integrity.


Men that unite and not those who divide. That seek truth and share Brotherly Love with all, no matter their race, religion, gender or creed.

Freemasons. K likes. For hundreds of years Freemasons have sought to help good men become better. Admin is Bruce Fenton.

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